Dell adds Microsoft Lync IM archiving to EMS Email Archive solution

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 11 February 2015
Dell adds Microsoft Lync IM archiving to EMS Email Archive solution

Dell has released the latest version of its EMS Email Archive and eDiscovery software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution.

The new version features instant message archiving for Microsoft Lync, message tagging, and a powerful new reviewer search feature that allows businesses and legal departments to identify, collect and extract e-mails necessary for litigation and forensic investigative purposes.

The solution’s new instant messaging (IM) archiving capabilities means IM communications between multiple internal users and external constituents are securely archived. This allows users to effectively and easily archive Microsoft Lync IM conversations, which can then be searched through and appear in results alongside e-mail and file content. 

With more organisations using Microsoft Lync for communication both internally and externally, the Dell EMS with IM archiving solution enables users to effectively archive IM conversations and content while meeting security and compliance requirements that reduce risk to the business.

As content from Microsoft Lync is now archived alongside e-mail communications, when e-mails and instant messages become the subject of a discovery request as part of legal or regulatory processes, the eDiscovery of the required files and communications can be easily carried out. In the event of a legal matter involving these communications, the costs for processing search results can be substantial. Dell’s solution helps improve these processes and thus lower end costs for businesses.

“Archiving of instant messages and e-mail is becoming a standard component of a company’s IT solution set,” said Jonathan Wolf, director, product management, Dell Software. “The litigious nature of today’s business environment has made eDiscovery a common task. Having tools that simplify and accelerate this process – helping users find that ‘needle in a haystack’ – enables organisations to reduce the cost and risk of complying with eDiscovery requests.”

The Dell EMS Archive and eDiscovery SaaS solution also uses powerful message tagging, meaning reviewers can quickly and accurately refine search results and create more relevant documentation for analysis.

Wolf added: “The combination of instant message archiving for Lync and message tagging capabilities now available in the newest release of Dell EMS Email Archiving and eDiscovery is a unique feature set that enhances our best-in-class SaaS eDiscovery capabilities.” 

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