Dell helps Guangdong Aiyingdao optimise its business processes

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 21 September 2015
Dell helps Guangdong Aiyingdao optimise its business processes

This article was first published in the Summer 2015 issue of OnWindows

Guangdong Aiyingdao Children’s Department Store is a retailer of infant, child and maternity products based in China. The company has more than 300 franchised and directly owned stores in the country.

The company wanted to update its financial and sales model and migrate to a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in order to capitalise on the growth momentum of the childrens apparel market in China.

“In order to integrate both financial and sales processes, and establish strong financial management, a large amount of time and energy was required to modify the business,” says Xiao Jun, IT centre director at Guangdong Aiyingdao. “In doing so, we realised that we needed the support of a vendor who could provide end-to-end solutions and support through the journey.”

Guangdong Aiyingdao partnered with Dell Deployment Services, who provided comprehensive support and careful ERP platform planning and design. Dell deployed a virtualised platform running Microsoft Dynamics AX and featuring Dell PowerEdge blade servers with Intel Xeon processors, Dell networking switches, and a Dell storage array.

The platform’s architecture includes Dell PowerEdge M620 blade servers with Intel Xeon ­processors, which run the front line applications and manage all data related to the ERP system. The platform also includes Dell PowerEdge M820 blade servers with Intel Xeon ­processors for the database. This stores data related to sales, production and accounting, which helps enable intelligent decision-making.

Dell Networking MXL 10/40 GbE blade switches have also been introduced, helping to increase transfer speed by 300% and ensuring all sales, inventory and production-related date is transmitted rapidly. Furthermore, thanks to a Dell PowerEdge M1000e blade enclosure, Guangdong Aiyingdao has reduced data centre space by around 50%.

The company’s critical data and ERP applications are protected by a Dell DL4000 backup and recovery appliance, which is powered by Dell AppAssure backup and recovery software. As a result, recovery times have been reduced to less than a minute, ensuring no risk of data loss.

With a flash-optimised Dell Storage SC4020 enterprise storage array with Intel Xeon processors, Guangdong Aiyingdao’s IT staff can now migrate hot data onto the fastest disks, and efficient data scheduling can be achieved thanks to the separate read and write modes across different solid state drives (SSD).

Going forward, Guangdong Aiyingdao will be able to seamlessly expand the storage capacity to more than 400TB.

“We have optimised resource allocation across disk types, improved performance and greatly reduced costs associated with the ERP system since deploying the Dell Storage SC4020 array,” says Xiao Jun. “With the array, we’ve acquired SSD-level performance for the same price as a standard disk solution. After completion of the project, there was no delay in the data upload for the 300 stores nationwide, and the ERP system storage input/output speeds were 200% higher than expected.”

Thanks to the new solution and processes, Guangdong Aiyingdao has seen a 400% increase in the efficiency of its integrated management processes and the speed with which financial data summaries are provided is now 30 times quicker.

Increasing the accuracy of the IT management department budgeting has led to more effective support from the financial department for sales, inventory and production. Financial data has been automated, and policymakers can view all financial statements in real-time, helping to improve decision-making.

Dell provided a single point of contact and end-to-end support for planning, solution design, systems deployment and the after-sales maintenance of Guangdong Aiyingdao’s ERP platform. Guangdong Aiyingdao also selected Dell ProSupport Plus with SupportAssist automated support software and a dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM). SupportAssist monitors the solution’s infrastructure on a 24/7 basis and creates reports that are delivered by the TAM on a monthly basis.

“The Dell ProSupport Plus service is a proactive and highly efficient service,” adds Xiao Jun. “Dell SupportAssist actively monitors the ERP data platform, providing automated issue detection and the proactive support we need to ensure we eliminate any risks that may impact the timely reporting of sales orders. Additionally, Dell’s Keep Your Hard Drive service allows us to replace the disks while retaining the failed ones. This completely eliminates the risk of accidental data leaks and enhances the level of data protection.”

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