Varonis to help firms adopt Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 securely

Varonis to help firms adopt Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 securely


The company’s security platform integrates with Microsoft 365, allowing organisations to classify data, monitor sensitive data activity, and more

Alice Chambers |

Security software provider Varonis has partnered with Microsoft to help organisations improve their data security posture while implementing Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365.

The security model for Copilot relies on a user’s existing Microsoft 365 permissions to determine which files can be used to generate artificial intelligence responses. The Varonis Data Security Platform integrates with Microsoft 365 to provide firms with other ways to manage and optimise their data security. For example, they can use it to classify data at scale, apply Microsoft Purview Information Protection for data loss prevention and monitoring sensitive data activity, and more.


Varonis helps to secure data so organisations can use Copilot to generate content (image credit: Microsoft)

“Varonis’s integration gives customers the added security and compliance controls necessary to quickly and confidently adopt Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365,” said Anat Gil, partners lead with Microsoft South-East Europe.

The Varonis platform also enforces least-privilege access controls and finds and archives at-risk data.

“IT and security teams want to ensure that excessive permissions, collaboration links and mislabelled files won’t lead to unintentional data exposure when they deploy Copilot for Microsoft 365,” said David Bass, executive vice president of engineering and chief technology officer at Varonis. “We take that concern off the table so users can enjoy the power of Microsoft’s AI immediately.”

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