Dell releases new Unified Communications Command Suite

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 18 November 2014
Dell releases new Unified Communications Command Suite

Dell has released Unified Communications Command Suite (UCCS), a scalable, data-driven platform to help enable improved unified communications (UC) management.

The suite is designed to help organisations gain a greater insight into UC investments, deliver a high quality experience for users and remove the various barriers associated with employee adoption.

UCCS helps streamline the complexity of managing of multiple communication platforms and helps deliver a flexible, cross-platform, reporting and diagnostic solution covering workforce activity, communication consumption and system performance.

While millions is spent each year on UC solutions, companies often lack accurate insights into how these solutions are used. A Dell-sponsored survey from Dimensional Research on the adoption of Microsoft Lync found that 80% of organisations don’t have the reporting capabilities to tell whether their investment is leading to savings and the meeting of cost reduction goals.

The same survey found that only 17% of respondents have a dedicated Microsoft Lync administrator, leaving the full UC management to IT administrators focused on other platforms, such as Microsoft Exchange.

With an increasing number of messaging technologies being introduced, the complexity of companies’ messaging systems increases, as does the amount of data that could be analysed and used to gain important business insight.

The Dell UC Command Suite features centralised analytics and diagnostics, meaning users can access information and intelligence to help increase adoption, speed up migrations, and meet business objectives.

The suite is comprised of UCCS Analytics and UCCS Diagnostics, both of which support the Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Lync platforms.

UCCS Analytics includes aggregated analytics and insights across Microsoft Exchange and Lync, helping to streamline multiple-platform reporting and improve decision-making within businesses when it comes to communication systems, staff activities and business processes.

UCCS Diagnostics helps administrators detect problems within messaging environments through a single interface. This helps quickly identify and locate the root-cause of operational issues and speeds up the resolution of such problems.

“IT is no longer the only part of the organisation that needs more data and better analytics on their unified communications platforms,” said Curtis Johnstone, senior unified communications product architect, Dell Software. “Business leaders require this insight to improve decision making and business outcomes and expect their UC investments to provide better tracking of customer engagements, service level agreements, marketing and sales initiatives, and much more. Dell’s new UC Command Suite with cross-platform analytics and diagnostics delivers the answers the business needs to ensure they are getting the best value from their Microsoft UC solutions by offerings valuable and actionable insights into the workforce activity.”

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