Digital transformation to drive change in the public sector

Kevin Noonan, lead analyst of Government at Ovum, predicts that government agencies will rethink end-to-end policies, technologies and services in 2016

Rebecca Gibson
Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson on 22 December 2015
Digital transformation to drive change in the public sector

What key trends do you think will emerge in the public sector in 2016?
Government IT budgets will see some moderate growth in 2016 to meet the need for innovation and change. Digital transformation will be a growing driver of change in the public sector, leading an increasing number of government agencies to rethink end-to-end policies, technologies and services. While some government agencies may be well advanced in their digital journey, 2016 will provide no time to reflect on past achievements. As these agencies begin to exhaust the easier opportunities, many will need to turn their attention to some tougher policy challenges.

What will the top three priorities for organisations operating within this sector will be over the next 12 months?
IT executives will need to find ways to transform their existing capabilities to make way for a stronger focus on citizen outcomes. This will require new technical skills, governance and organisation-wide leadership skills. Executives will also need to make some tough and pragmatic decisions to deal with slow or non-performing projects.

Meanwhile, the story on agility is far from over. As the primary focus shifts from IT agility to business agility, Ovum predicts that IT function will need to evolve even further to embrace a multi-modal approach that supports the differing pace of change across organisations.

What new technologies do you think will have the most impact over the next year and why?
In the aftermath of world events in 2015, national security will also be a key focus in 2016. Mobile and wearable technology will continue to make new inroads for front-line government services, particularly for the law enforcement and emergency services sectors. Mobile data will also play an increasing role in modernisation initiatives.

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