Dynamics CRM improves criminal investigations at Durham Constabulary

Rebecca Gibson
Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson on 15 May 2015
Dynamics CRM improves criminal investigations at Durham Constabulary

Durham Constabulary has become the only UK police force to achieve an ‘outstanding’ rating for criminal investigation after implementing the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.

Facing staff and budget reductions, Durham Constabulary needed to find new ways to minimise costs and make its officers more productive to ensure they could spend the maximum amount of time possible on the street.

In the past, Durham’s officers had to enter data into multiple systems, which took time and led to duplicated or inaccurate records that could not be found quickly and easily.

Dynamics CRM consolidates front-line policing applications for case, crime, intelligence and custody management in a single platform, simplifying data entry and making it more accurate and easier to search for. It now takes just seven minutes to input intelligence data, rather than 15 minutes.

The intuitive interface also enables officers to use the platform without any training, while multi-factor authentication increases security.

In addition, field officers can use Dynamics CRM to access records via mobile devices, rather than returning to the station. This has also helped the force to replace some desktops with laptops, tablets and smartphones.

The integrated crime and intelligence management system has enabled Durham Constabulary to easily track connections between criminals and previous incidents and solve cases more quickly, even with fewer officers.

“When criminal information is delivered in a clear and succinct way, it is retained much better, so the turnaround for the criminals we catch increases and we can start to move them through the criminal justice system, rather than leaving them on the street to potentially reoffend,” said Dave Orford, assistant chief constable at Durham Constabulary.

Durham Constabulary now plans to migrate Microsoft Dynamics to the cloud to reduce the need for departments to maintain expensive in-house systems and infrastructures.

“Our officers investigate crime using data and information stored on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and without this solution, we wouldn’t have achieved that ‘outstanding’ grade,” said Orford. “I haven’t seen anything in my experience of policing that has brought IT and the front line so close together.”

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