Korsisaari chooses PayiQ to help create mobile ticketing app

Korsisaari chooses PayiQ to help create mobile ticketing app
Finnish public transport operator is using the digital channel to improve services and increase ticket sales

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Finnish public transport Korsisaari has expanded its partnership with PayiQ to create a mobile ticketing app to improve its services and increase ticket sales. 

Korsisaari has been offering customers the opportunity to buy mobile tickets through Microsoft partner PayiQ’s mobile app since March 2017. However, it recently opted to work with PayIQ to move ticket sales to its own app. 

“We have been very happy with PayiQ’s mobile ticketing app and our cooperation,” said Antti Korsisaari, CEO of Korsisaari. “As we were improving our services it became topical to consider switching over to our own app. Sales of mobile tickets has been steadily increasing the whole time and in the future our ticket selection will expand with various season and series tickets.

Mobile tickets are an increasingly important sales channel to us. With our own-branded Korsisaari app, our tickets are more quickly found and it’s easier for us to improve our services.” 

Public transport tickets first became available on Korsisaari’s own app in December 2018, growing and diversifying the ticket options for customers. 

“We’re happy that our cooperation with Korsisaari companies continues and deepens,” said Tuomo Parjanen, CEO of PayiQ. “Our technology enables a very flexible and diverse ticket selection to which it’s easy to add new products and campaigns in a very short schedule. We’re excited to develop Korsisaari’s own app in cooperation so that it meets the needs of both the traffic operator and the end-users.” 

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