Microsoft launches security solutions for multi-cloud environments

Microsoft launches security solutions for multi-cloud environments

New capabilities will improve visibility and control across cloud providers, workloads and devices  

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft has launched a new set of security solutions to improve customers’ visibility and control across different cloud providers, workloads and devices.  

Research from Flexera has found that most organisations (92 per cent) are using multi-cloud models and, according to Microsoft, 73 per cent are struggling to manage them. To reduce complexity and enable organisations to strengthen their security strategies, Microsoft is extending capabilities of Microsoft Defender for Cloud to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), making it the only cloud provider to protect Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and GCP.   

“Cyber risks are inevitable and ever-evolving, but the more we build comprehensive, integrated, and cloud-powered defences using automation to prevent, detect and mitigate risk, the more we can empower organisations of all sizes to be fearless in their digital transformation and continue to innovate,” said Vasu Jakkal, corporate vice president of security, compliance and identity at Microsoft. “We are committed to delivering comprehensive solutions that work seamlessly across platforms and extend to clouds and apps outside our own offerings so that our customers can secure their entire digital estates end to end.” 

As part of the new solutions, Microsoft will launch CloudKnox Permissions Management for public preview, helping users to strengthen zero-trust security postures. According to Microsoft, CloudKnox will help provide businesses with complete visibility into user and workload identities across clouds and use machine learning to detect and remediate suspicious activities. 

Microsoft has also announced new ways for security teams to analyse data in Microsoft Sentinel, including basic logs that allows the service to find threats and a new data archiving capability to extend data retention.  

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