Expediting IoT projects with ICONICS’ IoTWorX

Solution offers connectivity, powerful visualisation, and edge analytics and data storage to help organisations easily implement internet of things applications

Melissa Topp
By Melissa Topp on 29 November 2021
Expediting IoT projects with ICONICS’ IoTWorX

In a recently published e-book co-developed with Microsoft, we showcase the power of ICONICS IoTWorX, illustrating how it takes the guesswork out of implementing internet of things (IoT) applications.

IoTWorX is a simple, cost-effective solution for any organisation looking to combine ICONICS’ proven supervisory control and data acquisition, analytics and mobile products with the power and scalability of Microsoft Azure cloud services. Users can leverage standard ICONICS apps in the cloud for real-time visualisation, historical data collection, analytics and more, regardless of what stage they are at in their digital transformation journey.

Thanks to IoT, there are billions of physical devices worldwide that are now connected to the internet, collecting and sharing data. IoTWorX allows users to connect buildings, factories and equipment into a single platform where they can monitor, control, analyse and continuously improve systems and processes. It offers three key features to help organisations fast-track IoT projects, including universal connectivity, powerful visualisation, and edge analytics and data storage.

IoTWorX enables organisations to integrate a wide range of building equipment and systems, seamlessly. Connecting on-premises equipment at the edge to the public cloud can also result in significant savings on upfront costs with a pay-for-use model.

ICONICS’ IoT solution gives users advanced visualisation and reporting on any device; an all-in-one platform. Users can configure dashboards easily to reduce costs and accelerate deployment. The integration of asset and telemetry data with Microsoft Azure Digital Twins further simplifies deployment.

IoTWorX provides edge analytics using built-in fault rules and workflow technology. It also locally stores and buffers historical data, periodically merging it with ICONICS Hyper Historian in the cloud or on-premises. Having this data and insight available right at the edge enables faster decision-­making for increased operational efficiency.

This approach has already led to successful implementations at several customer sites across multiple industries. For example, within 12 months of implementing ICONICS, Seattle-based nonprofit healthcare provider Swedish Medical Center saved $350,000 in energy costs. Meanwhile, US-based packaging manufacturer ScholleIPN connected multiple pan-global manufacturing sites through IoT, almost eliminating manual data entry and calculations, thereby minimising human error and making operations more efficient. And a Denmark-based engineering company can now better monitor and manage equipment, resulting in longer equipment lifetimes, a lower carbon footprint, and increased efficiency.

The working relationship between ICONICS and Microsoft is driven by a common goal to deliver a contextualised view of global operations, and IoTWorX can help any organisation to achieve just that.

Melissa Topp is senior director of global marketing at ICONICS 

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