Floatel deploys Kongsberg Maritime’s K-IMS communications platform

Rebecca Gibson
Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson on 25 November 2014
Floatel deploys Kongsberg Maritime’s K-IMS communications platform

Floatel International has implemented Kongsberg Maritime’s K-IMS communications platform to enable its onshore teams to better manage equipment performance and monitor safety on its offshore oil and drilling rigs and floating production vessels.

Kongsberg’s system, which has been deployed on three Floatel vessels, was designed to connect existing onboard sensors and systems with data storage and analytics to enable onshore engineers to gain real-time insights into offshore operations and plan long-term maintenance schedules.

The platform was implemented in collaboration with Attunity and Microsoft to provide a reliable connectivity service across satellite networks, as well as customisable dashboards that help users easily find data to solve problems in real time.

“It’s not always about petabytes of data, it’s about a set of solutions and technologies that could not have been achieved even five years ago,” said Ted Orme, Attunity’s director of business development. “Interoperating with the Microsoft platform, Attunity can replicate and transfer real-time data from a rig that might be in the Gulf of Mexico or the Indian Ocean. This data always existed, but now we make it accessible for Kongsberg to analyse and get valuable insights that weren’t possible before.”

In the past, fleet managers had to share time-sensitive data via telephone conferences or visiting remote installations, while routine data transmissions from oceangoing ships and platforms anchored to the seabed relied on satellite networks, which are slow and prone to power outages.

To improve information access and efficiency, Kongsberg and Attunity developed a data-transfer solution that relays only the changes to the overall data set. If the satellite connection is interrupted, data transfer automatically resumes when it is restored.

The solution transmits data from the vessels via satellite to Kongsberg’s onshore control centre, and then to Floatel’s offices via Kongsberg’s private cloud platform. Both onshore and offshore systems use Attunity Replicate software running on Microsoft-powered servers. This optimses data transfer between remote environments, providing onshore and offshore locations with the same real-time view of data.

In addition to tracking location, alarms or fuel consumption, the system can capture maintenance data – such as how often a hot water heater is out of service – and allows onshore engineers access to historical offshore data to improve preventative maintenance. This significantly lowers maintenance costs.

“We look forward to gaining insight into the whole fleet,” said Alexander Östberg, project engineer at Floatel International. “If I look at the future and the access to data we’re gaining with the Kongsberg communication platform based on Microsoft technology, the only thing that limits its use is your imagination.”

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