How will technology transform our lives in 2019?

How will technology transform our lives in 2019?
GP Bullhound releases predictions which include a rise in digital banking and smarter retail tech 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

London-based investment banking firm GP Bullhound has released a list of top trends that it believes will define technology in 2019.  

“It has been a year of trials and tribulations for technology as regulators have sought to match its evolution with existing frameworks; yet this report shows that technology does not just move the goalposts, it reshapes the world as we know it,” explain the authors of the report Per Roman and Alec Dafferner. “How we bank, shop and the type of money we carry are all covered. Our predictions on the rise of digital banks, the influence of crypto currencies, and retailers’ attempts to upgrade delivery systems exemplify how technology impacts everyday decisions, as well as shedding light on what businesses are doing to speed up transactional processes and introduce safeguards.” 

Here are the ten trends the firm believes will define tech in 2019: 

1. Digital banking will continue to rise

2. App distribution will move away from Apple and Google

3. Employee engagement will become high tech 

4. Retail technology will get smarter

5. Artificial intelligence will be the end of repetition

6. Consumer subscription is set to eclipse advertising

7. There will be a break-up of an advertising duopoly 

8. Online retailers to offer same-day delivery 

9. An end to gender inequality in the tech industry

10. Cryptocurrency will grow up

Read the report in full. 

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