Higher growth rates reported for companies that invest in technology

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 15 October 2015
Higher growth rates reported for companies that invest in technology

A new study from Dell has found that companies investing in cloud, mobility, security and big data are enjoying significantly higher growth rates than companies that are lagging behind when it comes to technological adoption.

The second annual Global Technology Adoption Index found that those companies that have invested in technology are experiencing up to 53% higher revenue growth rates than companies that have not invested.

“We’re enthused to see more organisations recognising the strategic importance of technology investments,” said Dell’s CIO Paul J. Walsh. “We believe this new research will help companies see the correlation between technology use and revenue growth, improved efficiencies and organisational growth.”

According to the survey, companies using big data are seeing 50% higher growth rates, while those using on-premises cloud are seeing 46% growth, and those using off-premises cloud are seeing 51% growth. 

Furthermore, companies with a bring-your-own-device policy are experiencing 53% higher growth, and those that have invested in mobile applications are seeing 44% higher growth rates.

Another key finding was that on average, 54% of organisation’s security budget is now being spent on security plans rather than just reacting to threats.

The survey also found that technologies in areas such as cloud, mobility, security and big data are fuelling company-wide benefits such as greater efficiency and the meeting of organisational growth goals.

However, a major barrier against technology adoption, use and expansion is cost. In the same report last year, security was the most often identified barrier, and security concerns remain an issue in this area.

The survey found that business leaders remain the key drivers for big data and mobility adoption, and are partnering with company IT teams for cloud and security.

“We knew adopting new technologies would help us become more efficient, but we’ve recognised an even more impressive return on our investment,” said Rick Mears, senior vice president/chief information officer for Owens & Minor. “We have tremendous new capabilities, most of which were funded through the efficiencies we get from Dell solutions and services. This savings has helped us invest in things that really move the dial on our business.”

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