How is gamification revolutionising CRM?

Tom Rhodes, editor of Dynamics Feed, highlights how introducing gamification could help enterprises to transform how their team engages with their CRM system

By Guest on 18 September 2015
How is gamification revolutionising CRM?

Whether a company is a trendy Shoreditch startup based in London, or a behemoth organisation based in Manchester, it can sometimes be difficult for senior executives to get their employees to enter information in the customer relationship management (CRM) system. While the company may have taken the difficult financial step to invest in a CRM system and implemented it successfully with the help of a reseller, it’s another thing entirely to persuade team members to actually use it.

Some people simply don’t see the advantages that come with a fantastic CRM system – whether that’s because they aren’t impacted directly by doing so, or because the impact takes a while to filter through.

We all know that brute force isn’t as persuasive a technique as we’re told it is, so what can enterprises do to increase team engagement with its new CRM system? One answer is gamification.

But what does gamification actually mean? Simply put, it’s a methodology that aims to increase engagement by incentivising higher user participation in a system through game-like progression and interactivity. How does this relate to an enterprise’s CRM? Well, if senior executives are seeing low levels of engagement from their teams, they could gamify it to increase the amount of interaction.

There are plenty gamification partners in the Microsoft Dynamics community that will design a custom-built CRM for with an organisation’s specific aims in mind. Here’s just one example of how a system of gamification could be embedded into a CRM system.

Competition is inherent in most games, and creating a competition between everybody in a team could be a great way to encourage participation. For instance, each user could receive points for creating or updating operations in the CRM. As an example, a point could be given for every lead a sales person generates. The points could then be displayed in a leader board, allowing all team members to see how they are faring compared with their colleagues. From here, incentives could be introduced so that the top three performers are rewarded for their efforts. This will not only impact their future performance, but will encourage those who aren’t as engaged to become more so.

Gamification of a company’s CRM system will then result in increased interactivity and productivity from the whole team. For startups, this could be a great strategy for quickly entrenching new human resources, sales and administration systems.

For established businesses looking to get a clearer picture of how their entire business operates, gamification could provide a solution for ensuring full participation from their whole team.

Enterprises can keep up to date with Microsoft Dynamics CRM or gamification via the DynamicsFeed, Microsoft Dynamics news page and Microsoft Dynamics Community posts.

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