How to successfully migrate domain name systems

Magnus Bjornsson outlines how the Men & Mice software suite makes it easy for organisations to move domain name system management to the hybrid cloud

Rebecca Gibson
Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson on 18 October 2018
How to successfully migrate domain name systems

This article was originally published in the Summer 2018 issuof The Record. 

In the past, organisations managed domain name systems (DNS) in traditional homogeneous on-premise IT environments. Today, they want to take advantage of the scalability, redundancy and cost benefits of the cloud by moving to hybrid infrastructures. However, this process is far from simple – companies often have issues with vendor lock-in, software incompatibility, variations in APIs, retaining established DNS zones during the migration, and handling different management consoles between platforms and services.

“Existing on-premise DNS deployments can’t simply be moved to a cloud infrastructure and managing multiple platforms simultaneously can lead to DNS vulnerabilities,” says Magnus Bjornsson, CEO of Men & Mice. “Understanding the migration process between on-premise and cloud environments is imperative for a smooth transition to a hybrid infrastructure.”

 Building on decades of experience with ­on-premise DNS, dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) and IP address management (IPAM), Men & Mice has developed a suite of solutions that helps companies to address issues of compatibility and visibility across DNS networks when migrating to a hybrid environment.

The Men & Mice Suite is an agnostic overlay software for network management that automates business processes and increases the stability, performance and scalability of IP infrastructures. It also offers native support for Microsoft Azure DNS, so it’s easy for companies to migrate or import their DNS zones into Microsoft-based networks.

“The Men & Mice Suite allows network managers to manage data through APIs and use a single interface to access various platforms, track any changes and see all cloud DNS zones and on-premise DNS deployments across multiple subscriptions,” says Bjornsson. “IT administrators can save time and resources – and increase security – during  migrations by using workflow extensions to automatically tag DNS zones.”

The Men & Mice Suite also offers a holistic approach to IPAM, enabling customers to gather IP address data from multiple sources across multiple platforms. Plugging in private cloud and hypervisor orchestration is similarly easy and seamless. Built-in xDNS redundancy also defuses the impact of distributed denial of services attacks and other DNS incidents, ensuring more than 99.99% uptime.

“The Men & Mice Suite provides companies with all the tools they need to successfully manage complex enterprise DNS operations and migrations,” says Bjornsson. “Our specialised industry knowledge and close collaboration with the Microsoft Azure team ensures that we can offer high service levels, improve network security and increase uptime for customers’ critical network resources.”

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