offers diamond cloud automation to customers

Firm helped Alltron to reduce cloud-related costs, improve customer billing accuracy and drive overall productivity offers diamond cloud automation to customers

Alltron has been a Tier-2 Microsoft cloud solution provider (CSP) since 2016 and has several hundred active resellers in its cloud network. Founded in 1985 in Mägenwil, Switzerland, the company employs over 780 staff members, supplies Swiss IT and consumer electronics retailers and serves resellers in the telecommunications and electronics sectors.

Alltron had been using a system to manage its cloud business, but while its cloud team had refined its business and technical knowledge, it also became aware of the pitfalls of cloud automation. The company was facing three major challenges: reliably automating its CSP workflows to meet Microsoft’s business requirements; easily creating white-label tenants to support a growing network of resellers and its own direct businesses; and finding a platform that could drive its strategic vision to be a vendor-agnostic cloud provider.

To address these issues, Alltron turned to, where it saw a clear scope for reduced platform costs, better usability for both the internal employee users and the end-customers, and effortless onboarding of new services. 

Alltron chose a solution based on’s Diamond Cloud Platform plan, provided online through Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. Its components enable indirect Microsoft CSPs to meet their core business needs to sell, bill and provision CSP services. The solution also allowed Alltron to offer value-added services and expand its reseller network through the white-label storefront facility and its multi-vendor provisioning options. 

However, implementation timescales were tight. Alltron needed its main system to be live in six weeks, with two more white-label tenants fully functional two weeks after. worked closely with a team of experienced professionals to ensure the project was delivered at full scope and on time.

Following deployment, continued to work with Alltron to ensure a smooth transition. With round-the-clock support, the solution was successfully used by customers within a few weeks. 

“Working with is proving to be a forward-looking and highly beneficial partnership in what is a very fast-moving market sector,” said Marco Iten, head of cloud and services at Alltron.

As a result of their partnership, Alltron has reduced its monthly platform costs by 70 per cent, improved the accuracy of its customer billing and helped its first tenant reseller with its own storefront to double its monthly revenue stream in the first six months. 

The business automation features of the platform have also boosted Alltron’s overall productivity, as the team is now free to focus on market and partner development, rather than platform issues.

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