KLM Royal Dutch Airlines uses Yammer to improve employee communication

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 14 January 2016
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines uses Yammer to improve employee communication

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is using the power of enterprise social media to help improve communication between its Inflight Services teams.

The Inflight Services division of KLM is comprised of more than 9,000 employees, containing both cabin crew members and back office staff.

Since adopting Yammer, Microsoft’s enterprise   social networking service, KLM Inflight Services is seeing a number of improvements in areas such as business efficiency and customer service.

KLM’s crew is using Yammer on their mobile devices to engage in a real-time networking and provide feedback for back office staff, ask questions and get quick answers.

“It’s only been three months since we launched Yammer, but more than 5,000 employees post more than 100 new posts a week,” said Simone Louwers, director of communications for Inflight Services at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, in a blog post. “Our rapid adoption rate proves that Yammer is filling a real need for seamless communication that help us work together as an efficient network. Teams are using Yammer to report challenges, to share innovative new ideas and streamline business processes.”

Thanks to Yammer, any customer feedback, suggestions, questions or reports are now replied to within 24 hours, helping to boost the Inflight Services team’s response time and business agility. The technology is also helping to enable improvements to safety training and procedures– something critical in KLM’s line of work.

“Staff enjoy that they can actually see who they are talking to, instead of supplying feedback via an anonymous email address,” Louwers said. “This type of direct communication through Yammer empowers and engages our cabin crew, who share innovative ideas with colleagues to raise the overall level of on-the-job knowledge.”

She added: “Yammer is a great tool for employee empowerment. Back office staff use Yammer to share customer feedback that highlight great service, helping the company to reinforce to our cabin crew that their ideas and work are of great value to the airline and our passengers.”

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