Faster, easier and more involved communication

Faster, easier and more involved communication
Andrea Sorze explains how the system records calls made on the cloud-based collaboration platform

Caspar Herzberg |

Italy-based collaboration and communication firm Mida Solutions has made its recording system, MidaRec, compatible with Microsoft’s cloud-based workplace collaboration platform, Teams.  

MidaRec can now record calls on both Skype for Business and Microsoft’s newer communication service Teams. Composed of a recording module, MidaRec Gateway, and archiving module, Mida Archiver, the service can collect audio and metadata from calls and share this with the archiving system where it is stored and can be accessed by authorised personnel. Through the archiving module users can listen, mark, comment on audio files, and complete advanced call reconstruction for analysis from any device as the system is web-based.

MidaRec is available as a virtual appliance and can be used in call centres, banks, enterprises or telecom operators and offers: multi-site support; secure archiving and access of recordings; encryption and data tamper-proofing; and performance or activity monitoring.

Another offering Mida Lite Call Center (LCC) is a solution composed of various services. The core of the solution is the enabling of call queuing, with flexible and completely customisable services, call treatments, voice prompts and working hours. LCC also features: Mida Operator Console, which allows reception and management of incoming calls using the PC; and Mida Supervisor Console, allowing service supervisors to monitor agents' activities and general efficiency. The overall LCC solution can be configured using an intuitive, web-based interface.

Mida Solutions works with session boarder controllers (SBCs) certified with Microsoft technologies to enable on-premises and hybrid installation to get services such as call queueing and forwarding with MidaRec and Mida LCC. The new SBCs provide additional features while connecting the on-premises installation with the external network. Mida LCC and Operator Console both require the presence of an SBC in order to interface with the Microsoft environment.

The solutions are based on a single platform that supports relevant communication technologies and due to its flexible architecture, users can deploy it on-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment. As a result, the platform ensures secure compatibility even when migrating from Skype for Business to Teams, without needing to purchase new products.

Andrea Sorze is in the business development support team at Mida Solutions.

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