A new approach to cloud service delivery

A new approach to cloud service delivery
Computer Gross uses interworks.cloud platform to expand its Microsoft Cloud Services channel 

Rebecca Gibson |

This article first appeared in the Spring 2018 issue of The Record.

Based in Italy, Computer Gross is an indirect Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner. It has more than 500 employees and resells Microsoft Cloud services to more than 12,250 partners. To help it quickly integrate new services into its cloud portfolio and gain a larger share of Italy’s cloud solutions market, Computer Gross decided to expand its Microsoft Cloud Services delivery channel for resellers. The company also wanted to automate the real-time provisioning of Microsoft Cloud Services so resellers could manage their own subscriptions in a few simple steps.

Computer Gross opted to adopt the Cloud Distributor Solution, a fully automated platform from Microsoft partner interworks.cloud. The solution could be easily integrated into Computer Gross’s existing enterprise resource planning system and sales lifecycle processes using interworks.cloud’s open application programming interfaces.

Working together, interworks.cloud and Computer Gross developed a three-phase implementation plan that was completed over a three-month period. The first phase saw interworks.cloud roll out its Cloud Distributor Solution to Computer Gross’s production environment so it could support customer orders. Next, the team imported a segment of Computer Gross’s reseller partners to the new cloud platform and activated the company’s online portal. The system became fully operational for all reseller partners in the third and final phase of the project.

Completing the project in three stages enabled interworks.cloud to minimise the typical risks associated with moving such a high volume of employees and reseller partners to a new cloud platform. interworks.cloud also carried out training sessions for employees.

“Working with interworks.cloud made us feel like we were dealing with an internal department,” said Tommaso Calosi, lead for Cloud Business at Computer Gross. “The relationship is very straightforward and personal. When there is an emergency situation you are not just a customer or a number, and interworks.cloud always does its best to resolve issues immediately or reduce the impact. This gives you the confidence and the feeling of real customer care. interworks.cloud also listens carefully to customer needs and does its best to improve the platform every day.”

Since deploying the interworks.cloud platform and automating its business processes, Computer Gross has increased overall business productivity by 40%, saving the company time, money and human resources. Moving to interworks.cloud’s Cloud Distributor Solution has also allowed Computer Gross to give its reseller partners more advanced and powerful tools for handling subscriptions and automating the provisioning, billing and invoicing of Microsoft Cloud services. This has significantly enhanced the resellers’ user experience.

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