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Can the cloud revolutionise how businesses operate?

Can the cloud revolutionise how businesses operate?
Tools like Microsoft PowerApps and SharePoint are enabling firms to streamline processes 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Enterprise adoption of cloud marketplaces is set to grow from 29% to 75% in the next two years. 120,000 new Microsoft Azure clients are signing up every month, and that number is expected to quickly increase, representing a tremendous opportunity to transform an organisation’s IT infrastructure into a strategic part of the organisation. It opens the door to new ways of doing things because rolling out a new tool or package business-wide is no longer financially crippling. Intelligent use of technology doesn’t just allow businesses to be more agile in terms of the tools they can provide their employees; they can totally revolutionise the way they operate.

By using apps like Microsoft PowerApps, Flow and SharePoint, organisations can easily automate and streamline processes and business functions. This removes tedious repetitive tasks allowing internal teams to focus on the parts of their job that make a meaningful contribution to the business. 

We think cloud computing is as big a shift in the way we work as the advent of the internet itself, and Microsoft seems to agree. As a result, Microsoft and its partners can offer more than 12,000 apps and services in the cloud marketplace. And while that’s an impressive number, it’s just the virtual tip of the iceberg. The intelligent cloud promises to take every app, automated process and partner portal and wrap in an ever-evolving layer of artificial intelligence.

Transparity has worked with some of most recognised names across the not-for-profit, leisure, automotive and other sectors to leverage the intelligent cloud to streamline their organisations. By creating PowerApps that seamlessly carry out processes behind the scenes, businesses are able to think and plan more strategically and with greater agility because they are no longer burdened by time-intensive, repetitive tasks. This is made possible because the intelligent edge gathers and analyses data to provide real-time insights and experiences, delivered by highly responsive and contextually aware apps. 

The ability for an app to understand context is a game changer, much in the same way as if androids had the capacity to feel. It allows the app to understand more than just the question and to go further than merely provide an answer, being largely indifferent to whether it was the right one.

Powered by the limitless power of the cloud, organisations now have an incredibly strong foundation upon which to build some highly effective solutions to help drive any business forward. 

Colin Macandrew is chief technology officer at Transparity

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