Microsoft adds Bing Image Search to web presentation tool Sway

Rebecca Lambert
Rebecca Lambert
By Rebecca Lambert on 05 December 2014
Microsoft adds Bing Image Search to web presentation tool Sway

Microsoft has introduced Bing Image Search to the web-based presentation tool Sway – its latest addition to the Office family.

Sway, which is currently in preview mode, is a centred on fast and easy content creation. Users have already been able to pull content from OneDrive, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, as well as their device’s local storage to create personalised idea boards, but now they can use Bing Image Search to search for pictures from the web and add them to their 'canvases'.

“We’ve been listening to your feedback from UserVoice and directly through Sway via the “+Add Source” survey option in the content sources drop down,” said the Sway team in a blog post. “In response to requests from users (particularly in the education space) about wanting to be able to search for Creative Commons licensed images directly from the internet, we’ve integrated Bing Image Search functionality into Sway. Now you can search for images tagged with Creative Commons licenses.”

To use the new functionality, users simply click the source dropdown and select Bing. They can then type anything into the search bar and get results from Bing Image Search.

“A URL to the source of the image is provided, which allows you to navigate to the original image and review the license terms to make sure your use is permitted,” said the Sway team.

According to Microsoft, this is just the first of many developments it will be making to Sway. “We’ll also bring more of Microsoft’s connected consumer and business services into Sway, along with other sources of content you are authorised to use,” said the team. “This way, Sway will continue to make it easier than ever for you to incorporate your content to bring your ideas to life.”

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