The Summer 2024 issue of Technology Record is out now!

The Summer 2024 issue of Technology Record is out now!

We explore how AI is helping employees to save time at work and focus on higher-value tasks, how women in technology are joining forces to break the glass ceiling, and much more 

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The Summer 2024 issue of Technology Record is out now and available to view free of charge in digital format.

According to Microsoft and LinkedIn’s 2024 Work Trend Index report, employees are overwhelmed with work, with 68 per cent struggling to meet the pace and volume of their work and 46 per cent feeling burned out. In this issue’s cover story, we look at how Microsoft’s portfolio of generative AI products and tools is automating basic processes to help employees save time at work and focus on higher-value tasks.

Organisations are also under pressure to redress gender imbalances within their traditionally male-led corporate and civic infrastructures, notes our executive editor Andy Clayton-Smith in his foreword. In a special-focus roundtable, women in technology discuss how they are joining forces to break the glass ceiling.

Women in technology

Christine Bongard, Anna Radulovski and Gavriella Schuster share their insights into how technology companies can attract and retain more women

We also hear from Kathleen Mitford, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of worldwide industry marketing, about Microsoft’s industry strategy including its AI priorities, partnerships and sustainability efforts. She also explains how they will benefit customers in various industries.

Kathleen Mitford

“Everything we do within the organisation is focused on helping customers understand where technology can help them move their business forward and get faster time to value,” says Microsoft’s Kathleen Mitford

There are also several industry-focused features led by Microsoft executives. Andy Beach highlights how media companies can use active archives to make use of huge libraries of historical multimedia content, while Doug Priest explains how connected data platforms and technologies can help city leaders to transform public transportation systems. Plus, Anya Minbiole discusses how AI is empowering frontline retail workers, Tom Deprins tells us about the evolving risk landscape in financial services and Alfonso Rodriguez reveals how manufacturers are investing in technology to retain workers and improve productivity. 


We also have our usual selection of news, case studies and thought leadership focusing on prominent topics across all industries. We hope you enjoy the read.

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