Microsoft and others launch Industry Data for Society Partnership

Elly Yates-Roberts
Elly Yates-Roberts
By Elly Yates-Roberts on 07 December 2022
Microsoft and others launch Industry Data for Society Partnership

Microsoft and several of its partners have launched the Industry Data for Society Partnership (IDSP) to make private-sector data more open and accessible so that it can be used to tackle challenges in sustainability and inclusive economic growth. 

The founding members of the initiative – GitHub, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Northumbrian Water Group, R2 Factory and UK Power Networks – will provide more open access to their data to enable faster research and collaboration across industries and with the public sector. They will also invest in skilling programmes to guide professionals on using data effectively and responsibly for social impact, while continuing to protect individuals’ privacy. 

“Making data more open and accessible can aid in the progress of solving today’s most urgent societal challenges, and that’s why we are a founding member of the IDSP,” said Burton Davis, vice president of Microsoft’s intellectual property group. “Over two years ago, Microsoft launched the Open Data Campaign to help close the data divide and extend the benefits of open data to organisations of all sizes. We know we can accomplish that by working together and make real progress toward addressing today’s most pressing societal challenges.”

The GovLab’s Data Program based at New York University and the Open Data Institute will also be affiliates of the partnership to provide guidance and expertise for partnership endeavours. As part of this, the Open Data Institute will launch a Data for Local Environments Challenge with IDSP members. Participants of the challenge will explore how cities, counties and municipalities can use datasets shared or curated by the IDSP to improve local environments. 

In addition, the IDSP will foster collaboration between industry and the public sector and researchers to better understand how industry data can improve their work. 

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