Microsoft and São Paulo partner to release crime-monitoring system

Rebecca Gibson
Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson on 17 April 2014
Microsoft and São Paulo partner to release crime-monitoring system

Microsoft has partnered with the government of São Paulo to deploy Detecta, an intelligent tool that will improve the Brazilian state’s ability to monitor crime.

Jointly developed between Microsoft and New York City, Detecta leverages big data and business intelligence capabilities to index large volumes of police information and automatically link pieces of data.

São Paulo’s data processing company Prodesp will manage the servers, while Detecta will be managed by the Center of Military Police Operations, Center for Civil Police Communications and Operations and the integrated Center of Public Security Intelligence of the State of São Paulo.

Individual police officers will be able to access the system via a range of devices including computers, notebooks, tablets and smartphones. For example, if a suspect flees in a red car and only part of the license plate is known, the system can locate all vehicles of the same colour with that partial license plate number and display these locations on a map. This will then alert the nearest police patrol car.

“This system will allow a leap in the quality of the police investigation and also prevention and patrols,” said Fernando Grella Vieira, secretary of public security, São Paulo. “Detecta is a pioneering system, and I am certain it will be used in the future on a national scale, integrated with other states.”

São Paulo is the first state to deploy Detecta outside of New York City, where it has been used to improve counter-terrorism efforts and monitor other crimes. The state will adapt Detecta to meet Brazilian standards and train users before implementing the system over a three-month period. After this, the alerts of 10,000 patterns of crimes that have been committed in New York City will be adapted to the needs of the São Paulo police. The first results of the deployment are expected to be realised four months after implementation.

“This project is an opportunity for Microsoft to collaborate with innovative police management models based on the use of technology,” said Mariano de Beer, president of Microsoft Brazil. “The pioneering spirit of the government of the State of São Paulo to adopt a system that was implemented successfully in New York, will be an important ally to combat crime and provide more security for citizens.”

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