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Fenestrae uses Microsoft SharePoint and Udocx to improve logistics

Fenestrae uses Microsoft SharePoint and Udocx to improve logistics
Combination of tech eliminates paper and improves energy efficiency and accuracy

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft partner and software solutions provider Fenestrae has implemented Microsoft SharePoint and its own Udocx software at a cold chain logistics company to eliminate paper and improve energy efficiency, productivity and accuracy. 

The logistics industry traditionally relies heavily on paper processes, for example goods are shipped and on arrival the retailer signs a proof of delivery (POD). In order to provide quality customer service and maintain its service level, the logistics company needed to improve its document management while implementing an automated warehouse and distribution centre. The company also wanted to reduce time in sharing information with customers by making it accessible from anywhere and at any time, increasing efficiency and productivity.

In order to achieve this, the company decided to use Microsoft SharePoint in combination with Fenestrae’s Udocx, a document processing solution which stores scanned documents directly in SharePoint, as it would be simple to implement into the logistics process. 

SharePoint offers efficient document management as it is provides a document repository with controlled customer access through a secure login. Fenestrae’s Udocx enables the company to capture and file PODs that are available anytime, anywhere. The new solution starts the document capture process when a signature is given upon delivery. 

Using the new technology and eliminating human intervention has enabled the company to expand its capacity, handling over 3 million pallets per year. Automation benefits are found in all areas of the business, including more energy efficient operations, greater stock accuracy and control and overall productivity. Improving document management and sharing POD information with its customers has allowed the company to develop long-term partnerships with frozen food manufacturers such as McCain, Unilever and Froneri.


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