Demystifying the best ways to optimise data analysis

Demystifying the best ways to optimise data analysis

Tom Blankenhorn outlines how Teradata analyses data to reduce the risk, time and cost of decision-making 

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From communications to travel and transportation, businesses across all industries rely on easy access to and effective analysis of data to improve decision-making. Gold-certified Microsoft partner Teradata’s cloud data platform, Vantage, allow companies to achieve this by unifying their data across multiple platforms. 

“Regardless of company size or the industry they operate in, what Teradata customers have in common is that they are working to solve challenges in analytics to create a competitive advantage in their markets,” says Tom Blankenhorn, vice president at Teradata. “To produce their desired outcomes, businesses typically need to enable large user communities to run multiple types of applications and analytic workloads, each with unique requirements. Teradata Vantage allows organisations to run mixed workloads at scale while managing system resources so that costs stay controlled.” 

Vantage runs on the Microsoft Azure platform and enables users to perform advanced analytics in the cloud using artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. The solution can be deployed in the cloud, on-premises, or in a combination of both. With an optimised infrastructure, Teradata’s customers are able to analyse data whilst managing multiple deployments within a single ecosystem.  

“Vantage at its core is an analytics platform and allows organisations to operationalise complex advanced analytics while leveraging their tool of choice, drastically improving the time to value and scalability of their data science efforts,” says Blankenhorn. “Our unique capability to string analytics together in multi-step format results in highly efficient and reusable models that are directly deployable in Vantage.” 

The programme supports multiple data types and works with a variety of languages and platforms to ensure a personalised user experience for business analysts and data scientists. 

“Dozens of new enterprise customers chose to deploy Vantage on Azure in just the last year, leveraging our combined capabilities to make data-driven decisions faster,” says Blankenhorn. “Teradata also works with more than 60 Azure data services including Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Data Factory, Power BI and more, enabling our customers to ingest, store, analyse and visualise data.” 

Instead of moving data into different locations, customers can access data from its original sources, both on premises and through the cloud to get faster results.  

“Our scalable and smart software provides users with access to all data, anytime and anywhere. Our platform provides customers with the lowest risk, fastest time to value, and most cost-effective path to modern cloud deployments,” says Blankenhorn. “Our open and connected architecture also sets Vantage apart from competitive solutions, allowing customers to use the tools and languages they prefer, at scale. For example, with Vantage, organisations can easily connect with native object store for open data sharing, as well as connect to and use the tools and languages they prefer.”  

According to Blankenhorn, Teradata also provides the lowest total cost of ownership for data analytics in the cloud. “This optimised and cohesive approach enables customers to manage multiple deployments as a single ecosystem which results in cost savings from not having to replicate and move data,” he says. “With the workload management and other cloud optimisation techniques that Teradata offers, customers can achieve the best price for performance and the lowest total cost of ownership in the cloud and in other environments.” 

Teradata has worked with a large selection of customers, spanning a wide range of industries including finance, telecommunications, retail and manufacturing. Notable customers include well-known companies such as BMW Group, Groupon, Royal Bank of Canada and Vodafone Germany. 

“We recently deployed Vantage for Siemens Healthineers, a medical device company, to perform predictive maintenance on 600,000 installed medical devices around the world,” says Blankenhorn. “Also, our solution has leveraged 230 terabytes of data for consumer goods company Unilever, which runs 27 business services, supporting finance, sales, the supply chain and human resources decision-making for its 400 retail brands.”   

Overall, Teradata exemplifies how cross-­platform connectivity aids data analysis for all industries and sectors such as through dealing with the changing nature of demand for manufacturers and aiding healthcare providers with artificial intelligence to better predict new diagnoses, disease progressions and wellness risks. Retailers can also optimise product stock, pricing and promotions so that they can focus on prioritising customer experiences both in store and online with the use of Vantage.

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