Microsoft to introduce Kinect motion control to Windows Phone, says report

Karen McCandless
Karen McCandless
By Karen McCandless on 10 June 2014
Microsoft to introduce Kinect motion control to Windows Phone, says report

Microsoft will introduce Kinect-like motion control into its upcoming Windows Phone devices, according to a report from Tom Warren over at The Verge.

The technology is known internally as either 3D Touch or Real Motion and has been developed by Nokia.

It is expected to be launch on a device codenamed ‘McLaren’ will initially only be available on Microsoft (Nokia Lumia) handsets and not partner devices, such as HTC.

McLaren is being touted as a natural successor to the popular (Nokia) Lumia 1020.

Warren said: “At least one device, codenamed McLaren, will debut on a range of US carriers later this year with features that let you hover your finger over the screen to interact with games and applications without ever touching the display.”

Warren details some initial uses, such as answering calls by holding a phone to your ear or ending a call by putting the device in your pocket.

Windows Phone Central shared some more details on what phones users can do with 3D Touch with the MixView concept: “Imagine a Tile on your Start screen, as your finger hovers above the Tile, it wiggles a bit, giving you a visual indication that you're giving focus to the element. When pressing down in the air (without touching the Tile) it ‘explodes’ into many smaller Tiles, up to eight with varying sizes, and each revealing custom content from that app. For example, a contact's Tile could display their phone number, last e-mail, a text message, photos, etc. App developers can configure it to reveal anything so our Windows Phone Central app could display maybe top two or three headlines.”

@evleaks also previously noted that the McLaren device will be out in autumn (in the US, anyway, with AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile all reportedly signed up to carry it.

The site also provided some information on the roadmap of the Lumia devices (only for the US market, unfortunately): "The next wave of devices to hit US carriers from Team Nokiasoft will all ship with Windows Phone Blue GDR1: the internal codename for the operating system update that comes after 8.1. The first GDR1 devices should begin hitting shelves in the third quarter: they include Tesla for AT&T and Superman for Verizon, both described as mid-range."

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