New Microsoft AI Hub to open in London

New Microsoft AI Hub to open in London

Unsplash/Marcin Nowak

Research will focus on advancing AI and the development of new models

Amber Hickman |

Microsoft AI, a subdivision of Microsoft focused on the advancement of artificial intelligence, is opening a new hub in London, UK.

The hub will be led by Jordan Hoffmann, AI scientist and engineer at Microsoft AI, who will lead research into advancing language models and supporting infrastructure, and create new tools for models

“There is an enormous pool of AI talent and expertise in the UK, and Microsoft AI plans to make a significant, long-term investment in the region as we begin hiring the best AI scientists and engineers into this new AI hub,” said Mustafa Suleyman, executive vice president and CEO of Microsoft AI, in a blog post on the Microsoft website.

The hub will build off Microsoft’s recent £2.5 billion investment in the UK that aims to upskill the workforce for the AI era and will add to Microsoft’s existing presence in the UK, including the Microsoft Research Cambridge lab.

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