Microsoft updates Office Online suite, adds it to Chrome Web Store

Karen McCandless
Karen McCandless
By Karen McCandless on 15 April 2014
Microsoft updates Office Online suite, adds it to Chrome Web Store

Microsoft has introduced a raft of updates to its Office Online suite (a free version of Office formerly known as Office Web Apps) as well as adding it to the Chrome Web Store.

In Excel Online, Microsoft has added the ability to insert new comments as well as edit and delete existing comments.

It has also added the Tell Me feature that is already in Word into Excel Online.

Tell Me in Excel allows users to ask how to do something and have the relevant commands presented in a drop-down list.

Users can now also open and edit VBA-enabled spreadsheets without removing (or corrupting) the VBA contained in the file.

In Word Online, Microsoft is extending commenting to editing mode so users can make comments and changes at the same time as others.

It is also simplifying footnotes and endnotes by allowing users to add them inline.

In PowerPoint Online, Microsoft has re-engineered the text editor so that when users are editing slides the layout looks more like the final result.

The company is also speeding up advancement of slides in the editor and adding the ability to play back embedded YouTube videos. Updates will roll out this week.

Users will also be able to print in one click with OneNote while Microsoft has also added multi-column section or page navigation.

In February, Microsoft renamed Office Web Apps as Office Online and made it available from

According to Microsoft, this is to make the web-based free version of Office easier to find. Users only need a Microsoft account to access the free versions of World, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

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