Attendo improves knowledge management with new tool built on Microsoft Power BI

Attendo improves knowledge management with new tool built on Microsoft Power BI


Care company implements new platform to monitor open care places and deviations in staff levels

Alice Chambers |

Attendo, a private care company operating in Denmark, Finland and Sweden, has developed a new knowledge management tool built on Microsoft Power BI with support from Microsoft Azure partner Ambientia.

The MOTTI tool, named after one of Attendo’s mottos to work from data rather than gut feeling, monitors open care places, staff absences due to illness and deviations in staffing levels to make it easier to manage daily caregiving operations.

“Our goal is to develop a knowledge management culture for Attendo, where daily operations are managed based on high-quality data at all levels of the organisation,” said Minna Nissinen, development director at Attendo. “These are simple things that streamline everyday care, guidance and leadership.”

Data is entered into the systems by both Attendo employees and unit managers, and can be accessed on any device via the cloud.

“Knowledge management reminds many of large and expensive development projects,” said Anne-Marie Hovi, senior vice president of social and health care at Microsoft. “Attendo’s MOTTI is a good example of how the benefits of knowledge management can also be harnessed to help organisations in an agile and affordable way. Our Power Platform tools are based on ease and speed of deployment and utilisation. A small measure and solution has brought great benefits to Attendo’s personnel and customers.”

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