Nobel prize website scales with Windows Azure during peak periods

Nobel Media has migrated to the Windows Azure cloud platform to handle increased web traffic

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 12 December 2013
Nobel prize website scales with Windows Azure during peak periods

With this year’s Nobel Prizes awarded this week, the Nobel organisation’s website saw a predictable peak in visitor numbers.

Nobel Media, the company that is responsible for the management and development media rights connected to the Nobel Prize, see a 100 fold increase in visitor number to its website in the period between October, when the laureates are announced, and December, when the prizes are presented.

With the website receiving as many as three million hits a week during this peak period, Nobel Media turned to Microsoft to support them. The decision was made to migrate its systems to Windows Azure before the list of laureates was announced this October.

“Our users are demanding users,” said Mattias Fyrenius, CEO of Nobel Media. “We cannot fail in the week during October and during that week in December. We have to be up and running, we have to deliver a good service, and we have to have a partner that can handle that type of volume and that type of quality.”

Windows Azure provides Nobel Media with suitable scalability for both its peak traffic times and its quieter periods during the rest of the year.

“Nobel obviously gives out prizes for deeds that are good for mankind, and which are closely linked to education, which is something that is very dear to the heart of Microsoft too,” says Richard Lind, director of Technology and Platforms at Microsoft Sweden. “Helping such a prestigious brand for such a noble cause is something that we are very proud of.”

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