OneView Commerce webinar: why you need headless commerce

23 September 2020; virtual event

Elly Yates-Roberts
By Elly Yates-Roberts on 22 September 2020
OneView Commerce webinar: why you need headless commerce
OneView Commerce

Microsoft partner OneView Commerce will hold a webinar at 4pm BST on 23 September where it will explore headless commerce in-store, and why businesses may benefit from it. 

“Headless commerce, where the front-end experience and back-end transactional elements operate independently, has mostly focused on the online domain,” says OneView. “But for next-generation commerce strategy, the power of headless in the store is profound.”

Attendees can learn more about how OneView customers such as Kroger and Australia Post have used OneView's headless transaction engine to “thrive in the face of disruption”. Delegates can find out how the solution can help businesses predict and respond to shifting behaviours. 

Register for the webinar at OneView Commerce’s website

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