OrangeNXT and Ampelmann help offshore workers walk across the sea

Elly Yates-Roberts
By Elly Yates-Roberts on 05 September 2019
OrangeNXT and Ampelmann help offshore workers walk across the sea

Digital transformation enabler OrangeNXT and offshore access provider Ampelmann are helping oil rig and wind turbine workers walk across the sea on their commute to work. Amplelmann’s motion compensated gangway system uses the internet of things (IoT) and Microsoft Azure to provide a safe transition from ship to platform.

The motion compensated gangway system counters the choppy movements of the sea, which have historically disrupted normal operations. OrangeNXT developed a solution which uses data to boost the system’s performance – conNXT. The ready-to-use platform, which is based on the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, provides remote monitoring, asset management, and predictive maintenance.

“We believe in digital, data-driven results,” said Bas Lamme, business development manager at OrangeNXT. “Companies like Ampelmann want to be proactive to potential issues before they become serious and result in disruptions of service and operations. Also, there is the need to keep workers safe, regardless of outside factors. That’s what we can provide with our conNXT platform.”

Using conNXT, an onshore engineer can also operate the gangway system to assist the onboard operator.

“ConNXT enables a steady internet connection between the offshore system and the onshore Azure platform,” said Lamme. “More than 400 parameters, like oil pressure, temperature, acceleration, energy consumption, and warning or error statuses, are continuously monitored onboard. This data provides the onshore engineer with detailed insights to assist the offshore operator in making the best and safest decisions in the moment.”

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