PlexHosted supports discontinued SharePoint Online Public Websites

Rebecca Gibson
Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson on 27 April 2015
PlexHosted supports discontinued SharePoint Online Public Websites

PlexHosted has developed new cloud-hosting solutions to enable Microsoft Office 365 customers to continue using SharePoint Online Public Websites, a feature that was discontinued by Microsoft earlier this year.

Small- and medium-sized companies use the SharePoint Public Website feature to quickly develop an online site using simple design tools.

PlexHosted’s solutions allow current Office 365 customers to continue to use the feature after the two-year cut-off period, which will end in March 2017. They will also enable new customers to access the complete online solution.

Customers can choose one of four options to access PlexHosted’s new hosting services including the Foundation, Standard, Enterprise and Business Intelligence plans. More information about each plan can be found here.

“PlexHosted is pleased to be able to offer small- and medium-sized businesses the continued use of their public SharePoint websites without interruption, as well as new customers who are looking to get a web presence in place,” said Michael Starostin, CTO at PlexHosted. “Our new plans are affordable, and because we offer full migration and monitoring, leave the customer feeling secure that their website is in good hands.”

In addition, companies hosting SharePoint on the PlexHosted cloud platform can access Microsoft Office WebApps, free migration services and full-time IT support.

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