Prodware launches Project Management for Dynamics CRM

Rebecca Gibson
Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson on 23 October 2015
Prodware launches Project Management for Dynamics CRM

Prodware has launched Project Management for Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help enterprises in the professional services sector track the entire customer contact process.

Built on Microsoft’s customer relationship management (CRM) platform, the solution integrates and automates all sales and marketing business processes, from tender management, to project delivery and ongoing account management.

“Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an excellent solution for sharing customer information and driving productive processes, so we decided to extend the product and integrate a specific module for planning and managing projects and for handling time and expense tracking and invoicing,” said Mark Breeden, Prodware’s sales and marketing director. “This means any professional services company that deals with multiple projects and has complex operational processes will find Dynamics CRM for Project Management an ideal solution for the industry.”

Prodware’s project management solution (PSA) can be used during the pre-sale bidding process to help sales associates gather historical information used in previous tender situations and customer interaction data.

“Before making a decision to bid or not, and based on details stored from previous bids, our solution provides a succinct and risk averse score to help make the decision more accurate and less time-consuming,” said Breeden. “Our customers appreciate the numerous benefits with PSA because they only bid for the business where they are most likely to succeed and avoid wasting time on a possible sale that was not worthy of a bid in the first place.”

Meanwhile, project managers can use PSA to gain a real-time overview of the full project via one centralised display, including stage status reviews, resource use, project estimations and more. The portal makes it easier to process timesheets and approvals, which leads to more accurate project costing and accelerates the client billing process.

From 10 November, Prodware will host a series of events at Microsoft’s offices to showcase how Dynamics CRM for Project Management can help enterprises, particularly those in the professional services sector.

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