Reimagining the personal workspace as part of your cloud rollout

When companies look to the cloud to save money and increase productivity, one key success factor is often overlooked: the end-user. Rein Hoogland at Clevir tells us more

By Guest on 07 September 2015
Reimagining the personal workspace as part of your cloud rollout

This article was first published in the Summer 2015 issue of OnWindows

Everybody is talking about moving into the cloud – whether it is hybrid, private or public – and many major technology providers are fighting for supremacy in this space. But they often overlook the end-users, who simply want an easy way to access their applications, without the complexity of multiple interfaces and account log-ins.

Why should end-users have to jump through hoops if one document is on-premise and behind a firewall and another is in the cloud? Having to use separate devices and passwords to share information just adds complexity to the process. In addition, end-users often cannot access work data remotely because the applications cannot be virtualised or because they are excluded from remote access for security purposes.

At Clevir, we believe end-users shouldn’t be tied to their desks. We imagined a simple, secure way for end-users to launch all their applications and work between multiple versions seamlessly. Their workspace should look, feel and act the same way all the time, wherever they are on a PC, a phone, tablet, or any device.

An excellent end-user experience should be simple to deliver on the back end as well. Clevir helps to simplify what is required to serve virtual applications and can reduce hardware and software costs by as much as 50%. Our non-proprietary portal works with existing virtual applications and infrastructures, thus preserving existing investments. The Clevir Cloudify Engine virtualises 99% of ‘legacy’ applications and optimises the performance of the infrastructure and delivery of the applications.

Companies are also reluctant to move their data out of a secure data centre. Clevir’s product designers are experts in online security, and our workspace portal offers a range of options for administrators and end-users in order to meet the highest levels of compliance and security requirements. Our back end ‘Cloudify Engine’ provisions differently than others to ensure no data is ever cached on a network to prevent susceptibility to security threats.

We believe in freedom, simplicity, and security. We place end-users at the centre and, through the Clevir Workspace portal, enable them to easily access all applications, whether they are on-premise or in the cloud. This helps our customers increase end-user productivity, reduce virtualisation costs, preserve existing investments, and embrace a cloud-based strategy.

Rein Hoogland is CEO of Clevir

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