Servebase and Starmount establish partnership for EMV payments solutions

Move hoped to boost Starmount's role in Europe's transition to EMV and chip and pin technologies

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 10 January 2014
Servebase and Starmount establish partnership for EMV payments solutions

Microsoft-partner Servebase has partnered with Starmount, helping the retail solutions provider to deliver complete end-to-end solutions that meet all requirements for Europay, Mastercard and Visa (EMV) payments.

The solutions Starmount offers are already certified for Ingenico’s EMV chip and pin-ready devices, and the company has now taken the step of incorporating Servebase’s EMV payment processing technology into its offerings.

Servebase’s EMV technology will help protect against security and usability issues when chip and pin cards are used at retailer point of sale devices.

It is hoped that the move will boost Starmount’s role in the transition to EMV and chip and pin technologies in Europe, with many countries yet to adopt this method of payment.

US retailers have also been slow on the uptake when it comes to EMV and chip and pin adoption. However, with Visa’s liability shift set to kick in during October 2015 which will require US retailers to accept EMV chip transactions or else assume liability for fraudulent transactions, more US retailers are looking to benefit from the future-proofing their methods with an end-to-end EMV solution.

“The US shift to EMV is one of the most exciting developments in the payments industry since the advent of mobile POS, and the partnership with Starmount is an important step in ensuring that retailers are fully compliant,” said Melissa Law, product marketing director, Servebase.

Starmount has also partnered with Ingenico, an EMV chip and pin-ready devices producer.

“Starmount is pleased to introduce an end-to-end EMV solution as we begin to focus on the UK and European markets and accelerate the company’s growth,” said Greg Davis, vice president, product management, Starmount. “By partnering with Servebase and Ingenico, Starmount is aligning ourselves with best-in-class providers of payments solutions with extensive experience in global markets.”

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