Sitecore releases its first Windows 8 application for marketers

Karen McCandless
Karen McCandless
By Karen McCandless on 17 March 2014
Sitecore releases its first Windows 8 application for marketers

Sitecore has released its first mobile applications to provide marketers with anywhere, anytime access to its experience platform.

The Sitecore Executive Insight Dashboard application, which runs on Windows 8.1 tablets, gathers customer engagement analytics and insights across touchpoints and presents them in a mobile view.

Customer activity is automatically added into existing customer intelligence profiles stored in Sitecore’s experience platform, which is accessible via the app.

The application was developed using Sitecore’s Mobile SDK.

“Marketers face increasing expectations from customers to deliver relevant and personalised online experiences, yet today’s marketers are always on-the-go, making it difficult to adjust engagement campaigns via web or software-based customer experience management systems,” said Mark Floisand, vice president of product marketing at Sitecore. “With the Sitecore Executive Insight Dashboard, marketers now have access to key analytics and content repositories right from their mobile devices, increasing efficiency and giving marketers the ability to own the experience.”

Sitecore has also released a new version of its customer experience platform.

Sitecore 7.2 now includes the ability to preview publishing targets, with more robust support for publishing recovery and better configurability.

It comes with a new user interface (UI) framework for developing customer UIs, with more business components and dialogues. 

The search application now uses Sitecore ContentSearch indexes exclusively and includes more filters for finer searching and segmenting.

Users can also run tests on multiple languages at the same time and test different content or different component designs in each language.   

This new release features intelligent engagement analytics to better track true visitors and increased sophistication of item bucket configurations.

In terms of technology, the customer experience platform now supports Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 5.1 and Internet Explorer 11.

"Our biggest goal for this release was to improve performance for our customers," commented Floisand. "In particular, the improvements to publishing significantly speed up the time it takes to deploy new changes to live servers."

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