Türkiye Isbank moves London branch to cloud with Microsoft Azure

Elly Yates-Roberts
Elly Yates-Roberts
By Elly Yates-Roberts on 04 January 2023
Türkiye Isbank moves London branch to cloud with Microsoft Azure
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Türkiye Isbank has completed the first stage of its digitalisation strategy by moving its London branch to the cloud with Microsoft Azure in an effort to speed up business processes. 

As part of the project, the bank has transferred 15 terabytes of on-premises data to cloud via Azure, as well as all applications that are related to basic and online banking.  

According to Isbank, the Azure cloud has improved efficiency in hardware investment and routine maintenance and is expected to offer further advantages going forward. For example, the cloud platform has enabled the bank to prioritise security measures, thanks to its international security certifications, logging capabilities and controllability. Security and compatibility services also enable Isbank to extract security reports and identify risk factors.

Thanks to Microsoft’s Enterprise Skills Initiative, bank staff have taken part in Azure training, which has led to significant improvements in Azure-based competencies across the business. 

In a statement on the London branch's transition to Azure, Isbank’s IT director Emrah Gökçe Aygün highlighted the financial industry’s rapid transformation as a result of technological developments, increased customer expectations and competition, and new business models. “New generation digital solutions remain top of our company's agenda,” said Aygün. “With an approach focused on digital transformation, we will continue to innovate at full speed with the progress we have made at the London branch, where we have transferred the entire data centre end-to-end to the cloud. Following our transition to Azure, we have rapidly operationalised mobile banking services. In the upcoming period, our goal will be to create more room for innovation, as well as to speed up the operationalisation of new services.”

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