UBC minimises patient delays with new CRM platform

Accenture and Avanade have helped UBC to create a new customer-facing platform to improve the quality, access and continuity of care for hundreds of thousands of patients

Rebecca Lambert
Rebecca Lambert
By Rebecca Lambert on 05 August 2015
UBC minimises patient delays with new CRM platform

This article was first published in the Summer 2015 issue of OnWindows

Delays in access to therapy are unacceptable for patients in need of speciality drugs for critical conditions such as cancer, infectious disease or organ failure. United BioSource (UBC), a leading pharmaceutical services provider, understands the importance of minimising delays while facilitating access to lifesaving therapies.

Historically, UBC relied upon separate platforms that supported reimbursement, adherence, nursing, and patient assistance programs as separate applications. However, UBC has now initiated a transition to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 in order to create a fully integrated customer-facing platform. Critical to its selection was the solution’s robust functionality, scalability and configurability. Accenture and Avanade helped UBC design the new platform, identify how it could be appropriately tailored and deployed within UBC, and lead the integration. UBC’s goal was to further eliminate barriers to treatment access, while improving quality and consistency of care. Avanade helped the company streamline the majority of the workflows which drive the movement of patients through critical reimbursement, nursing, adherence, and patient assistance processes. Avanade helped UBC customise the platform for the remaining processes to meet the requirements of individual drug programmes.

By working with Avanade and Accenture, and through the use of leading-edge Microsoft technologies, UBC has developed a solution that meets all of its objectives.

The new customer-facing platform will help UBC to continuously improve the quality, access and continuity of care for hundreds of thousands of patients in need of complex and costly specialty drug therapies.

New insights provide a single version of the truth. Patients and physicians receive more accurate, customised, actionable and timely communications. Pharmacists benefit from the responsiveness of the system and UBC’s newfound ability to remove obstacles to drug access.

With its new CRM platform in place, UBC is able to provide a view of how well a drug is being adopted and used in the market across payer, provider, pharmacy and patient perspectives. Such insights can help pharmaceutical companies create the next generation of life-saving therapies.

Meanwhile, the elimination of manual processes and the introduction of intelligent, guided activity pathways for UBC care advocates, both in the contact centre as well as in the field, have improved the quality and consistency of UBC’s services.

Overall, UBC – with the help of Avanade, Accenture and Microsoft Dynamics CRM – has become a more competitive player in the field of pharmaceutical support services. UBC is paving the way to pursue new opportunities, attract new customers and improve more lives.

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