Unify Square launches PowerSuite solution for Skype for Business

Rebecca Gibson
Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson on 10 December 2015
Unify Square launches PowerSuite solution for Skype for Business

Unify Square has launched PowerSuite, a new integrated unified communications (UC) operations solutions suite to help enterprises monitor and manage Skype for Business.

Built to run in on-premise, cloud and hybrid cloud environments, PowerSuite uses UC-Core technology to provide IT administrators with the historical and real-time analytics they need to ensure they can successfully roll out Skype for Business. It also layers end-user satisfaction data over system analytics to provide a holistic overview of Skype for Business’ operational performance.

PowerSuite gives users a 360-degree view of all Skype for Business systems and provides capabilities for them to meet the key areas of Skype for Business management, including monitoring, analytics, provisioning, reporting and user experience.

UC-Core enables PowerSuite to diagnose and fix call quality and service availability issues, which allows IT administrators to identify issues, often before they occur. It also includes integrated end-user satisfaction testing, a help desk and a complete user learning centre portal to help improve the Skype for Business user experience. Meanwhile, the automatic provisioning and deployment services help to eliminate up to 99% of manual IT intervention for end-user moves and changes.

“Our customers and Microsoft rely on our technology to drive Skype for Business adoption and amplify user satisfaction,” said Sonu Aggarwal, CEO of Unify Square. “Combining all of our products, solutions and technology assets into a single operational suite creates the industry’s most robust and comprehensive Skype for Business management product. PowerSuite is a catalyst for significantly decreasing the time to ‘get to green’, achieving a healthy UC run-state and helping enterprises reduce the total cost of ownership for their entire Skype for Business ecosystem.”

The new product suite is available in three packages – Enterprise, Premium and Premium Plus – to meet the needs of enterprises at various stages of managing Skype for Business deployments.

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