Technology is critical to business sustainability, finds Digital Space

Technology is critical to business sustainability, finds Digital Space
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Recent report showed that organisations  are more aware of how IT can help them reach their goals   

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Technology is now critical to achieving business sustainability, according to a new report by technology firm Digital Space. 

The firm surveyed over 1,000 representatives across 10 different industries to understand the role of IT in reducing the environmental impact of organisations.  

The report highlighted that 64 per cent of organisations have already considered how IT providers can help them become more sustainable. However, despite the recognised benefits, there is a reluctance to take action. In fact, 59 per cent of respondents stated that sustainable changes around their IT infrastructure would not be made for at least another year and 36 per cent stated that a five per cent increase in cost would be enough to deter them.  

“While our sustainability report has shown that IT professionals want to be more sustainable and believe that IT can reduce carbon emissions, it has also demonstrated some reluctance to take sustainable action,” said Tim Lancaster, managing director of cloud at Digital Space. “Despite recognising the importance of technology in achieving company-wide sustainable targets, IT professionals have been deterred by associated costs with only seven per cent revealing that cost was not an important factor.  

“Our advice here would be to look at the long-term savings and goals. When considering pay-as-you go tariffs, reuse and employee productivity, especially from cloud technologies, organisations will benefit from cost savings as well as increased sustainability.”  

Read the full report.   

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