Why security is a must-have tool in a modern world

Martina Koutníková and Ondřej Výšek from KPCS CZ say that cyberattacks happen almost every day, so senior executives must take IT security seriously and eliminate the risks to their companies

By Guest on 20 March 2018
Why security is a must-have tool in a modern world

This article first appeared in the Winter 2017 issue of The Record.

Many senior executives often do not view security as important as it really is. Underestimating security risks in the IT environment can prove fatal, especially now that hackers are carrying out cyberattacks almost every day.

If companies want to avoid sleepless nights prompted by concerns about IT security, it is worthwhile for them to think about how to protect their data and systems. But how can they quickly find out if there’s a weakness in their IT system that could be exploited? And what steps can they take to mitigate the threat? That’s where solutions like Advanced Threat & Organization Monitoring (ATOM) from KPCS CZ can help.

ATOM works in the background of the IT environment, using machine learning to send data directly to Microsoft Azure and Log Analytics via a secure channel with strong encryption mechanisms. Users receive reports and notifications about their system health, as well as recommendations from top security experts about how to address potential security risks. The solution handles thousands of servers and can store data up to 720 days. It can also provide a comprehensive audit trail of privileged accounts to ensure compliance with General Data Protection Regulations.

In addition, the security solutions award-winning ATOM reveals potential attacks on systems, visible either from the internet or the internal network. There is a browser and mobile client access console, enabling users to have the data centre in their pocket anytime, anywhere. It’s possible to monitor the physical world and receive information from firewalls, switches and environmental sensors. The service is not geographically limited and is suitable for use with both cloud and on-premise solutions.

Installing ATOM is easy – companies simply complete an online form and choose from one of four installation plans. Once customers receive their installation package, it takes just five minutes per server to deploy the solution. The basic option is free and companies can then manage the costs themselves via a pay-as-you-go method.

Martina Koutníková is marketing and product manager, and Ondřej Výšek is chief sales officer at KPCS CZ

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