10 ways to improve performance of a Windows 10 PC

10 ways to improve performance of a Windows 10 PC

Kingston Technology has outlined a series of helpful tips for optimising your processing speed

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Memory specialist Kingston Technology has created a list of 10 tips for improving the performance of a Windows 10 PC, as follows:

1.    Check for the latest updates
Microsoft frequently releases updates to fix bugs and system errors that reduce system performance, so ensure you have installed the latest version.  

2.    Restart your PC
Shut down your PC each day to allow it to refresh its memory and be ready for optimal performance the next day.

3.    Disable launching programs at start-up
Check which programs are impacting performance Via Task Manager and stop them from aunching at startup.

4.    Disk clean-up 
The Windows 10 Disk Cleanup feature allows users to delete unused temporary files, such as image thumbnails, downloaded program files and temporary internet files.

5.    Delete old software
Bloatware – pre-installed third-party software you don’t use – takes up storage space and can be uninstalled.

6.    Disable special effects 
Windows 10 comes with visual effects that makes the user experience look and feel nicer, but if you don’t need them, they can be uninstalled.

7.    Disable transparency effects
Disabling Windows’ transparency effects can also help to improve PC performance.    

8.    Run system maintenance 
Windows 10 routinely performs system maintenance tasks, but if it is affecting performance, you can do this manually instead. 

9.    Upgrade your RAM
Upgrading your RAM can greatly improve the speed and performance of your PC.

10.    Upgrade your storage
Most PCs come with spinning disk hard drives but by upgrading to a Solid-State Drive, users can create more powerful machines. 

For more information, including tips on how to make the above changes, read the full blog post from Kingston Technology.

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