65 per cent of German firms aim to be climate-neutral by 2035

65 per cent of German firms aim to be climate-neutral by 2035


YouGov survey found that companies need to invest in sustainable solutions for their supply chains

Alice Chambers |

YouGov has found that 65 per cent of German companies want to be climate-neutral by 2035 and 82 per cent by 2045, according to a recent survey on behalf of Microsoft Germany. Yet, only 53 per cent of companies are using technologies to make their supply chain more sustainable.

YouGov asked 1,000 managers and 1,600 employees in Germany about their companies’ sustainability status, finding that 57 per cent monitor their own carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, with 16 per cent having a detailed database for this.

Microsoft and its partners claim that between 23 and 34 per cent of CO2 reductions could be achieved by digital tools alone.

“Sustainability is also a data issue in every facet because we can only manage what can be measured,” said Marianne Janik, CEO of Microsoft Germany. “But this is exactly where we see a need for action. Collecting and knowing data about one's own emissions is essential in order to formulate strategic goals and reduction measures, and to make the success of these activities measurable. To maintain sustainable methods of work, organisations need to invest in innovative technology.”

The survey also found that employees are encouraging companies to become more sustainable, with 82 per cent of employees encouraging their employers to be on track for climate targets by 2045.

“This shows how important it is to involve employees in sustainability activities from the very beginning,” said Janik.

Microsoft Germany published the full findings from its survey in its white paper, Reach Climate Goals Faster.

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