Adding business value with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Adding business value with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Formpipe is helping customers get more from the platform via effective document management 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Part of the reason that Microsoft was able to announce earnings growth beyond expectations for its most recent financial year was due to the strong performance of Dynamics 365 (D365), which saw revenue rise by 49 per cent.

Software provider Formpipe has long understood the value of the Dynamics suite of products and continues to use it as a foundation to build its own offerings. Product manager Pernille Wichmann shares how the business is helping customers get more from the platform.

Are there any notable trends within document management?
Data, security and performance. Customers want to be able to add all kinds of data to their customer-facing documents to save time. The more data that is added to customer-facing documents, the fewer query calls they receive at the customer service desk.

The same goes for internal documents, such as in warehouse and production. Data is added to prevent people needing to look up data in the system and delay the process.

Our products make it easy to add new data and are consistently fine-tuned for the best performance possible.

In what industries are you seeing the most success for document management?
Warehouse and production control are using documents more than ever. Previously, businesses in this sector would make do with what was available, but now they are looking to transform their operations to stay ahead.

Warehouse is one of my favourite modules in D365 for Finance and Operations and we have focused our efforts in this area over the last year.

Document management is also thriving in retail. Businesses want attractive ­customer-facing documents to portray their brand image. Designers can spend hours specifying the correct layout, so we have created a powerful solution to reduce creation times.

How is Formpipe working with Dynamics 365 to bring value to customers?
Most notably, we create documents across Dynamics platforms. We have connectors to Dynamics Customer Engagement products, enabling us to generate sales quote documents from D365 Sales mixed with data from D365 for Finance and Operations, and vice versa.

These could include any data that is not accessible in D365 Sales but is stored in D365 for Finance and Operations. It’s very powerful and easy to configure. With the recent launch of Formpipe Cloud, this is easier to deliver than ever before.

What else is exciting you in this space?
Our feature alerts are a game changer for optimising processes within D365 for Finance and Operations.  

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