Addressing network volatility in hybrid workplaces

Addressing network volatility in hybrid workplaces

Kollective Technology’s solutions can address spikes in demand created by flexible working practices

Garrett Gladden |

Enterprise communications and IT teams that successfully delivered events to fully remote audiences during the pandemic are now struggling as employees return to the office. 

In hybrid work models, employees are not coming into the office as often as they did pre-pandemic. When they do, it is often en masse and unpredictable, creating peak demand problems for networks. At Kollective, we refer to this as network volatility – a phenomenon enterprises across all verticals are experiencing.

To better understand network volatility in the hybrid world, we'll consider the attendance of Microsoft Teams Live Events by employees at a Fortune 500 Kollective customer in July 2022.

For most days in July, fewer than 100 employees at one of the firm’s US offices consumed video on-site. However, on six separate days in the month, several hundred employees streamed live events in the office – on one day on-site viewers reached nearly 3,000.

This company has embraced the flexibility of hybrid work, with at-home and in-office viewership occurring in roughly equal numbers.

This example is not unique – many offices in this organisation and other businesses experience network volatility like this on a regular basis. If the company had not been equipped with Kollective’s enterprise content delivery network (ECDN) solution, its network would have failed to successfully deliver live events on the days when on-site viewership spiked.

As people return to the office, it’s critical that businesses empower their networks with the tools to deliver live video communications to all employees, regardless of their location. Kollective’s ECDN eases the transition to hybrid work and provides businesses with the confidence that their network will always work.

Garrett Gladden is vice president of product at Kollective Technology 

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