Agilisys helps Bristol City Council improve IT services and capabilities

Agilisys helps Bristol City Council improve IT services and capabilities

Technology review will evaluate digital progression and identify areas of improvement

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Public sector transformation specialist Agilisys is helping Bristol City Council in the UK to improve its IT services and capabilities by reviewing its technology infrastructure. 

The council recently completed a two-year-long IT Transformation Programme which focused on implementing culture changes, new technology and digital transformation to improve efficiency and service delivery. It reached out to Agilysis to act as an independent ‘critical friend’ to review the impact of the programme and the opportunities now available to the council. 

According to Agilisys, the review has been designed to provide a foundation for the organisation’s new digital strategy. It will also support the council’s contribution to the One City plan, which will deliver digital services and engagement for residents and the local economy.

“Our strategy is to pivot from a traditional operational IT organisation to one with the digital capabilities needed for the organisation to truly transform,” said Simon Oliver, director of digital transformation at Bristol City Council. “This is about more than fiddling around at the edges. The early work completed by Agilisys has already identified some areas where high-cost services are not adding the expected value, or where we should consider focusing our resources differently to generate the maximum benefits for our organisation and our customers. That independent challenge has shown the value of engaging a trusted partner working as a critical friend.”

The output from the review will help Bristol City Council’s evaluate its current IT position and its digital progression, and identify any fundamental issues, ensuring they are resolved quickly. 

“I’m delighted that Agilisys is working in partnership with Bristol City Council to review its current digital position and transformation journey so far,” said Andrew Mindenhall, CEO of Agilisys. “Our experience of delivering transformation across the public sector has shown us how strong digital foundations are fundamental to successful change.

“We have been impressed by the innovative approach taken by Bristol City Council towards digital transformation, the scale of vision and success achieved to date, and the ambition for future digital transformation. Our robust review will identify further opportunities for Bristol to deliver its One City Plan, deliver sector-leading digital engagement and realise the full benefits of digital now and in the future.”

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