Agylia Care uses Microsoft Azure to support unpaid carers

Agylia Care uses Microsoft Azure to support unpaid carers
App gives users free access to NHS-approved clinical advice and guides

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Social enterprise Agylia Care is using Microsoft technologies including the Azure cloud to support unpaid carers. The app and online portal give users free access to clinical advice and guides approved by NHS specialists. 

The experience is driven by an artificial intelligence (AI) enabled conversation with a chatbot, which is used to understand the carers’ and recipients’ needs. The app then provides guides, videos and online resources that are tailored to the user to ensure they can provide effective care and support for the recipient.  

“The demand for social care continues to increase, with councils, NHS Trusts and other care providers under pressure to meet the demand for services,” said Tim Buff, CEO at Agylia Care. “There are an estimated 6.5 million unpaid carers in the UK - those who care for family, friends, themselves and others - many of whom have received little or no formal training. By helping these carers to enhance their skills and knowledge, Agylia Care aims to support this crucial group in our society in a new and powerful way.”

The app also includes a chat discussion forum, which enables users to talk with others in a similar position. “Carers often feel isolated,” said Buff. “To create a community for carers and help stop the sense of isolation, the Agylia Care App and portal includes an online ‘Care Chat’ community where carers can share their stories and experiences on what it’s really like to be a carer.”

The Agylia Care App is available for iOS and Android and can be downloaded for free for use on mobile and tablet devices. It can be used online and offline, allowing carers to access the guides and videos when and where they’re needed. The Agylia Care online portal also enables carers to access resources on their laptops or PCs.

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