Allscripts and Microsoft extend partnership for EHR solution

Allscripts and Microsoft extend partnership for EHR solution
New five-year agreement will see Sunrise solution supported by Azure, Teams and Power BI

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Allscripts and Microsoft have extended their partnership by five years to develop and improve cloud-based health IT solutions. Microsoft Azure, Teams and Power BI will be used to support Allscripts’ cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) solution, Sunrise. 

Sunrise connects all aspects of care and uses analytics to deliver better health outcomes. According to Microsoft, the cloud-based version offers additional benefits to its on-premises counterpart, such as improving “organisational effectiveness, solution interoperability, clinician ease-of-use and an improved patient experience”. It provides enhanced security, scalability and flexibility, and new functionalities that engage with the internet of things. 

“The Covid-19 pandemic will forever change how healthcare is delivered, and provider organisations around the world must ensure they are powered by innovative, interoperable, comprehensive and lower-cost IT solutions that meet the demands of our new normal,” said Paul Black, CEO of Allscripts. “Healthcare delivery is no longer defined by location – providers need to have the capability to reach patients where they are to truly deliver the care they require. 

“Cloud solutions, mobile options, telehealth functionality – these are the foundational tools for not just the future of healthcare, but the present. Collaborating with Microsoft, the leader in the public cloud sector, we will efficiently deliver the tools caregivers need to improve the clinical outcomes of their patients and operational performance of their organisations.”

Microsoft says that the Azure-supported version of Sunrise solution will also “include a marketplace that enables healthcare apps and third parties to easily integrate with a hospital EHR”. 

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