Anywhere365 is realising the power of partnership with new programme

Anywhere365 is realising the power of partnership with new programme

Loira Browning outlines the benefits for partners and how it will drive adoption of the firm’s solutions

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Partnerships provide unique opportunities for people to share knowledge, experiences, resources and ideas, all of which fuels the kind of diverse and innovative thinking that leads to groundbreaking customer experiences and drives employee productivity, satisfaction and business success.  

Cognisant of these benefits, Microsoft partner Anywhere365 will launch its own Partnership Program in April 2022. The organisation aims to work with partners from across the world to help enterprises deploy its omnichannel Dialogue Management and Cloud Contact Center platforms on the Microsoft ecosystem and empower them to improve both employee efficiency and customer interactions. Anywhere365’s partner marketing manager Loira Browning tells Technology Record more.   

What is the main purpose of the new Anywhere365 Partnership Program? 
After years of growth and success, we realised that it is vital for us to recognise the impact our partners have had on our business so we can reward them and further strengthen our working relationships. We also want to empower our partners by providing them with everything they need to successfully sell, implement and support Anywhere365 in enterprise businesses around the world.  

What type of organisations are you looking to partner with? 
Ideally, we want to collaborate with Microsoft Modern Workplace partners that have a Microsoft Teams focus, as well as enterprise communication service providers. We want our partners to be excited to work with us and be committed to staying up to date with the latest features and enhancements of both Teams and Anywhere365. 

How can partners get involved?
We offer three tiers – Certified, Premier and Partner of Excellence – to enable partners to choose the level of participation that best aligns with their wider business goals and competencies. We then take them through an eight-step onboarding process, making it clear how Anywhere365 can help partners and what we expect from them in return. Once onboarded, partners will have access to a range of benefits, all of which are designed to show how important they are to us. We’re excited to deliver a unique and enjoyable onboarding experience, as well as to establish smooth working relationships with all partners in the future. 

What makes the Anywhere365 Partnership Program unique?
We want to ensure that the Partnership Program is intuitive, engaging and genuinely useful for our partners, so we’re not wasting their time. It’s important that we deliver the right user experience to ensure it is successful.  

Members will have access to a Partner Portal, which will act as a one-stop-shop platform for business development, support, troubleshooting and facilitating fully automated deployment of solutions in Anywhere365’s Dialogue Cloud. We’re also implementing a Marketing Development Fund to support our partners’ marketing efforts.  

In addition, we will be launching an Anywhere365 Ambassador Program to allow partners to nominate members of their technical and sales teams who show a real knowledge of, and a passion for, Anywhere365. The accolade will give both the individual and the organisation industry-wide recognition for their achievements. We’ve created something that we’re really excited about, and we think our partners will be too.

Can you give us an overview of the types of solutions and/or services you aim to develop?
Anywhere365’s mission is to help every individual maximise the value of every minute in any enterprise dialogue, and to do this, we must be at the forefront of technology innovation.  

We enhance communication productivity by using technology to speed up valuable interactions and deliver the right answer the first time. Any new innovations we develop will contribute to us achieving this aim. 

Joining forces for future success 
“1UC is really excited to be involved in the Anywhere365 Partnership Program,” said Ashvini Webster, managing director of 1UC. “We are the official training partner for Anywhere365, so it gives us an excellent framework through which to sell the training that we provide. 

“In conjunction with the technical training academy, which has been developed specifically for partners themselves, this Partnership Program will help to connect people with technology and ultimately ensure that end customers have the best possible experience and knowledge of the Anywhere365 product.” 

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